The Spiritual Club is the first group of people who are not satisfied with tasting products but want to have an engaging and unique experience.

With the Spiritual Club we have created a path not only of the product, but of everything that revolves around it, through experiences in the company we want to share our emotions and our dreams and why not, also our fatigue and our efforts.

How the Spiritual Club works

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Earn Points

Each purchase in Franco Cavallero online shop, at "Il cicchetto" and in the shop in Scurzolengo, earns you points from the spiritual club.

Collect rewards

With the points you earned, you can choose rewards from the Franco Cavallero world reserved for members of the Spiritual Club.

Discover the benefits

Con lo Spiritual Club abbiamo unito i nostri tre mondi: la produzione vitivinicola con Cantine Sant’Agata, la produzione degli spiriti con il Gin Agricolo, l’Amaro Essenziale, il Vemouth Nonis Februariis, la ristorazione con Il Cicchetto. Da ogni esperienza abbiamo acquisito delle competenze e oggi vogliamo condividerle con le persone che hanno creduto in noi e nel nostro lavoro. Vogliamo essere una proposta completa, da vivere intensamente… un’esperienza da raccontare!!!

We are setting up a sensory cellar, where we will tell our story, our mission and our future. In this room, you will not only taste or buy: you will discover secrets, you will see stories, you will experience from the inside what it means to produce wine or spirits. There will be occasions dedicated to individual products, days of patrolling the area, news on news and lots of other information, without forgetting that registration will entitle you to special discounts or special purchases that only our friends will be able to make.

Purchase possibility

Old Vintages or special editions Bottles

Guided tours

in the cellar or among the vineyards in a vintage military off-road vehicle

Invitation precedence

At events in the cellar or at the Il Cicchetto restaurant

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